FYI: Catherine Clark fans

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I just ordered this book and it was ready for check out yesterday. I LOVE this author, so I snagged it before anyone else. While reading the back of it, I realized that it took place inside the same ice cream store that the first book I read by this author did. Cool, I thought. But then I checked out the cover and in little tiny print…I found out the truth.

The bad news: It’s the same book Truth or Dairy

The Good News: It has a better cover – similar to other rest of her books.

The Best News: The sequel is also being republished (which is awesome, because the book was no longer in print)

Also by this author, another reprint…it used to be called Frozen Rodeo

~ Jennifer


One thought on “FYI: Catherine Clark fans

    L at Jacket Whys said:
    June 4, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    It’s really upsetting (to me) when they do this! I hate to find out that I bought a book I already had without knowing it. That said, I sure agree about the cover.

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