March Meeting

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Place: Willimantic Library Service Center
Date: March 8
Time: 10 AM

Updating and/or creating Teen Webpage

* The CT Teen Library tab has been updated – take a look

~ Jennifer


Check this out!

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Do you know about the NEW YALSA Programming site?

Check out the programs here – you can even filter out by categories or ask a question

~ Jennifer

Zombie Survival Program (modeled after the Hunger Games Game)

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Last week, we talked about our Summer Reading Programs. I mentioned that I’m going with the Groundbreaking Reads theme because I love the art. I’m focusing on zombies and monsters.

I’m going to try this game again. I did it for the Hunger Games but I think it’s super fun.


1. Grab a bunch of items for survival and place on a table

2. At the beginning of the program, have teens choose X number of items

3. Create a story where they have use particular items (A zombie comes at your party and bites everyone. Sally has the medicine, so she’s safe. Peter doesn’t have the medicine. He turns into a zombie. Erin has a spice, which when ground up can stop the venom from seeping into her body, she’s safe too.)

4. Make up a point system and have various winners.

5. You can create a story based on what the teens grabbed and have multiple turns.

* I got the idea from this site

~ Jennifer

Programs for guys

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Last week we met and chatted about programs gears towards guys.


  • Volcano (other exploding experiments like Diet Coke and Mentos)
  • Science Experiments
  • Bubble Rockets
  • Duct Tape Tie
  • Music Events – after hours
  • food programs – make nachos, decorate cupcakes, bake brownies
  • mini golf
  • nerf gun battle
  • move nights

*please add your ideas/successful programs to the list to share.

** Also check out Pinterest for more ideas on crafts/food programs. Everything is on this site – but there’s a craft and DIY section. I’ve been getting tons of ideas from it!  Check out my boards (Jennifer Rummel) for some ideas on what you can find. I have lots of different boards, but my “work” boards are labeled Teen

***Be on the lookout for the books we mentioned closer to the beginning of the year.

~ Jennifer

Summer Reading post

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It’s MUCH later than I intended, but the Summer Reading books by state is now available at

There’s also a road trip book list and all the books are linked to amazon.

Hopefully this helps with some displays over the summer!!!!

~ Jennifer

Teens Read Too – Release Calendar

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Yesterday at the meeting, we mentioned sites to help with book purchasing. I love this one because it allows me to double check my monthly lists to make sure I’m not forgetting anything. It also combines the release dates of fiction and nonfiction books.

Check it out here

~ Jennifer R.

YA Lit: Book Release Calendar

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Just in case you needed more books to order, here’s an awesome listing in a calendar of new book releases.

Looks amazing to me.