Connecting Boys with Books

The topic for our May meeting will be Connecting Boys with Books. Here are some resources:


Gotcha for Guys! : Nonfiction Books to Get Boys Excited About Reading by Kathleen A. Baxter (Libraries Unlimited 2007)*
Life is Tough: Guys, Growing Up, and Young Adult Literature by Rachelle Lasky Bilz (Scarecrow 2004)*
Even Hockey Players Read: Boys, Literacy and Reading by David Booth (Pembroke 2002)*
To Be a Boy, To Be a Reader: Engaging Teen and Preteen Boys in Active Literacy by William G. Brozo (IRA 2002)*
Great Books for Boys: More Than 600 Books for Boys 2-14 (1st ed.) by Kathleen Odean (Ballantine 1998)*
Connecting Boys with Books 2: Closing the Reading Gap by Michael Sullivan. (ALA 2009)*
The Guy-Friendly YA Library: Serving Male Teens by Rollie James Welch. (Libraries Unlimited 2007)*

*books owned by WLSC






One thought on “Connecting Boys with Books

    ninjalibrarianct said:
    May 4, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    Are we still having this meeting?

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