Friday Meeting – WLSC

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I asked what people wanted to do in our informal how-to gathering on Friday. Here’s what people asked for:

How do we make our blog more inviting? Blog design.
What should we know about blogging etiquette?
How can we use RSS feeds?
How does iGoogle work and what can it to for our patrons / staff?

I will cover as much of this as I know. And since we have the lab for the two hours, bring some ideas of what you want to do, and I’ll go around and help people get things started.

Blog sites: WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal.
Getting started: How to Start a Blog (from WikiHow), Blogging Tips for Beginners, WordPress Introduction to Blogging. A blog about blogging – lots of ideas and advice. WordPress Lessons.
Etiquette & Tips: Blogging Etiquette (from a blogger), Weblog Ethics (Rebecca Blood). 18 Different Kinds of Blog Posts, Why and How to Use Blogs to Promote Your Library’s Services by Darlene Fichter on, 2003.
iGoogle: How to Use iGoogle (from WikiHow). iGoogle Themes (on SLJ). How to make a Google Gadget for your library.
Design: WordPress Blog Design and Layout.
RSS: RSS in Plain English, What is RSS? RSS Explained.
Twitter: Twitter in Plain English, Twtter Explained for Librarians, or 10 ways to use Twitter.

Learn more about some of these features at the following WLSC workshops!
Blogs & Micro Blogs – October 3, 2008 from 1:00-3:30 with NELINET. $15
WordPress Websites – November 20, 2008 from 9:00-4:00 with Polly Farrington. $30