Display Ideas

Ideas and Slogans
These are ideas from books and other librarians combined together.
For many displays, I use a cookie cutter as a stencil and cut out various shapes and hang them from the ceiling with fishing wire. It works great and adds a little color to the display.

Abuse: When Mr. Right Starts Throwing Lefts, When Love Hurts
Props: magazine articles on teen dating and abuse
Activism: Make Yourself Heard
Props: Picket Fence with slogans
Aliens: Out of the World, Beam Up Some Good Books, A Little Different
Props: Pictures of Aliens from Movies/TV/Books
Author Highlight: Presenting….
Props: Picture of author at various events in life
Baseball: And the Crowd Goes Wild, Grand Slam Books, Striking Books
Props: baseball, baseball cars, baseball diamond, baseball glove
Beach Reads: Under the Sun, Soak up A Good Book, hot books
Props: Beach scene, beach chair, palm tree, leis, sunscreen
Best awards: Most likely to… (Think Yearbook)
Body Image: Just the Way you Are
Props: scale
Books from Movies/TV: From Page to Screen
Props: popcorn picture, film reel (or film strip works too), old TV set
Breast Cancer: Pretty in Pink
California Gold Rush: Gold Diggers
Props: Shovel, gold pieces photos, mining photos
Cars: Man and the Machine, Speed Towards a Good Book
Props: Hot Wheels, racetrack
Celebrity Life/Biography: Exposed
Props: Cameras, tabloid heading collage
Cooking: Pig out on Books
Props: Pig, Tray, Food, Pots, Pans
Courage: Got Guts?
*A Display to Make You Smile” (yellow books, humor, and books with smile in the title)
Drawing: Create a Masterpiece
Props: Pencils, easel, paper, art tools
Dreams: Not All Dreams Are Fairy Tales (Nightmares)
Props: Pillow, Zs,
Epistolary novels: From E to U
Props: old computer screen, photos of technology, fountain pen, old paper
Fairy Tales: It’s not the Way I’ve Heard It, Happily Ever After, A Modern Twist on an old Tale
Props: Shoe, Castle, Apple, Crown…
Football: Score big with these books, Touchdown Books, Super Books
Props: Football Field, Footballs, Whistle, Referee, Gatorade Bucket
Friendship: We’ll always be Together
Going Green: Read Return Repeat
Grammy’s/Music: Listen Up!
Props: Music Notes, hanging CDs, CD cases
Historical Fiction: Lost in Time, Heroes of the Past, Yesterday…
Props: anything from that time period
History: 10 Days That Changed America
Horror: Midnight Reading, Do YOU dare Read this? Spine Tingling Tales, Blood Chillers
Props: Gravestones, bloody hands, bones, skulls, cauldron
Horses: Well Bred, Horse Around with a Good Book
Props: Pictures of Horses, Miniature Horses, Riding Gear
Humor: Horse Around with a Good Book, LOLing, ROTFL,
Jobs: working for a Living
Props: Want ads, paycheck stub (blank), W2 form
Mysteries: Whodunit, Sherlock Reads, Be Mysterious, Get a Clue, Follow your Instincts
Props: Magnifying Glass, Fingerprints, Footprints,
Mythology: It’s All Greek to Me
Props: Statues/Photos
Nascar: And the Crowd Goes Wild
Props: Checkered Flags, hot wheels cars, starting line,
New York: Start Reading These Books
Props: New York skyline
Older Books: Too Good To Miss, Old School Reads, Oldies but Goodies
Props: Landmarks of Paris
Patriots: Founding Fathers, Founding Mothers,
Props: Pictures of patriots, timeline of Revolutionary War
Photography: Exposed
Props: Camera. Film, Negatives, Interesting Photos
Pirate: Here be the best books in the Library, matey, Golden Booty, A Treasure Trove of Books
Props: Treasure chest, treasure map, golden coins, pirate jokes, and skulls
Plays: Drama, Drama, Drama
Props: Drama faces, red curtain, program
Readalikes Books: While You’re Waiting
Royalty: Long Live the Queen/King, Royal Reads, Books fit for a Prince/ss
Props: crown, throne,
SAT books: Is that your Final answer?
Secrets: Psss…, Promise you won’t tell?, Between You and Me,
Props: Postsecret cards, pictures of teens whispering to each other
Self-Help Books: Get Over It
Ships: Unsinkable Reads
Props: Live Vests, pictures of boats, steering wheel, boat terminology
Short Stories: Short on Time, Time Running Short?
Props: Clock
Sisterhood: Got Jeans?
Props: Clothesline of Jeans, one pair of jeans decorated
Soccer: Heads Up
Props: Soccer Ball, Goal, Field
Space: Read Beyond the Galaxy, Out of this World books
Props: Planets, spaceships, aliens, stars
Sports: Reading in the Fast Lane
Props: any sporting equipment
Summer Reads: Shore Reads for the Summer
Props: beach scene, towel, palm trees, hammock, sand castle, sand bucket, shells
Survival: Into the Wilderness, Wild Reads
Props: compass, GPS system,
Tennis: Game, Set, Match
Props: Tennis racket, Tennis Balls, Tennis Court
Time Travel: Lost in Time
Props: Clock
Travel: Are We There Yet?
Props: Road signs, maps, airplane tickets, airplane
Ugly Book Jackets: Judging a Book by it’s cover
Weight: Dying to be Thin
Props: Scale, food
Winter: Warm Up with these Hot Reads
World Cultures: Where in the World
Props: globe, pin pointed map, world map


3 thoughts on “Display Ideas

    Christine Halsey said:
    April 23, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    I like this…I like this A LOT! Thanks!

    donna said:
    February 16, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    What a lifesaver! Some great ideas that actually make me look forward to changing out our teen displays! Thank you.

    Colleen said:
    November 8, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    This is fantastic – just used “Short On Time” for our new short story display!

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