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Teen Tech Week is Coming

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Teen Tech Week: Create It @ Your Library
When: March 6-12th
Planning: Event Ideas
Promotion: Logos and more

For more info see the YALSA ning

I have STEAM Pinterest board that might give you some more program ideas

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Teen Apps

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Check out the Apps store. I really like how they’re divided up into categorizes. (must be the librarian in me). Wendy shared this site: Apps that normally cost $ for FREE. I tried to share a variety of apps. Some would be for teen entertainment, some could be used for programs at the library, and some could be productive. Most of the Apps are free, unless otherwise noted. Some of the apps are for iphones, but can be used with ipads too.

Forever Drive: racing game
Glass Tower 3: Game that looks like Tetris – .$99
MASH: just what you think – $.99
Ant Smasher
Fruit Ninja: $.99
You Don’t Know Jack: Trivia
Teen Truth or Dare
Free Flow: puzzle game
Mad Libs: App free but you need to purchase the book

Helpful Apps:
Instagram : photos (just saw this via twitter this morning from Teen Librarian Toolbox – take your photos and create a bookmark)
Ringtone Maker: make any MP3 file your ringtone
Yalsa BookFinder: awards and booklists
Relax Waterfall: calming music
Songkick Concerts: keeps track of your favorite bans and their concerts

Could be used in Programs:
Manga Camera: Take a picture and change it into manga style
Instyle Hairstyle: use photos of yourself to test out hair styles of celebrities – could be used for an event before prom/homecoming

Prezi – same as on computer – use it to make presentations
Dropbox – same as on computer – save and retrieve your files from anywhere
iTranslate: translate into various languages instantly.
ibrainstorm: a cork board to “pin” sticky notes and create drawings
Learnist: remixing social media in a collaborative way
World Book: This day in history – list of historical events
Haiku Deck: use to create presentations

Mark Your Calendar for the Next Meeting:
Date: January 11th – 10 AM at the Willimantic Service Center
Topic: New Fiction (please bring titles to share) and Linda will be talking about online summer reading software
~ Jennifer

Gaming at Booth & Dimock

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Since we didn’t have much time to talk about Gaming last Friday, I though I would mention the Gaming Club here. I inherited the program this year and have had two meetings so far, both of which went really well. I had 7 teens each time (some of them different) and they were very excited. They asked me to have meetings more frequently and are happy to suggest new games. It seems that one new one every so often keeps them excited about coming. I also let them bring games in from home as long as they are E or T rated and I do watch those to see what happens in them.

What I really like about the program is the way different ages interact. I have a 6th grader who is teaching the 2 high school kids about a new game. I have also found that PC games are just as popular (if not more so) than the Wii and PS2.

Below is the list of resources that Lauri used to win the grant, most of them are from 2007 and older. If anyone wants any other information I would be happy to pass that on.

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Teen Tech Week Displays:

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if you’re in need of a display check out these booklists: Video Games and From Page to Screen

or maybe books with computers: HIVE, Entrapment, TTYL, Be More Chill, So Not Happening, Click Here, Secret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez,

or random technology books – Kingdom Keepers, Pengdragon series (Merchant of Death = 1), Daylight Runner, Storm, Artemis Fowl series,

or spy books – usually have fun gadgets

Teen Tech Week Ideas

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Book Hunt: Kay Cassidy’s Great Scavenger Hunt Book contest

Reverse technology – update your librarian (This could work in a community where teens can help random people needing help with texting or other new technological tools)

Comic strips online:

READ THINK WRITE (is fun, but you can’t see the comic unless you print. Also the text box becomes cut off once printed)

ToonDoo – haven’t tried this one, but looks good

Bitstrips – create something funny out of the choices given

Any more that we didn’t talk about? Let us know what you’re doing!

Also don’t forget the Video Game booklist if you’re stuck for a display idea

Nonfiction Meeting

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Don’t Forget about the meeting this friday @ 10 am at Killingly Public Library. Bring some nonfiction titles (with reviews) so we can chat books!  Also we’ll be talking Teen Tech Week ideas as well. See you there.

Library 2.0, Etc.

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Hello, I attended the Library 2.0 and Web 2.0 Overview yesterday at WLSC and it was so great. Most of you probably already knew all about Flickr, blogging, LibraryThing, RSS feeds and all those tools for online collaborations but it is all new to me. That is why I am now brave enough to get onto this blog.
Our library is getting ready to launch a new website with a teen presence. Kathleen, our children’s librarian is at WLSC right now creating a blog and a Wiki. This is so exciting. We will be getting a group of teens together next week to for a teen tech club who will decide how they want to celebrate Teen Tech Week. We will post the results of the meeting. I am finding that teens aren’t such computer “geeks” anymore as they are gaming “geeks.”
See you all at the Canterbury Library on January 18th. We are located on Rt. 14 in Canterbury on the right hand side if you’re coming from Willimantic and right behind the post office. MS