Meeting Minutes May 2015

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We began by discussing plans for summer reading. Our thoughts of the CSLP teen art work and how we are getting teens excited for the programs. 

Video promos for summer reading can be really cute and successful. CT will hopefully be participating in the CSLP teen video contest for the 2016 summer reading theme. 

Today’s topic was working with community partners. 

This is subjective because each community has different offerings and organizations. 

Canterbury works with a bank to promote and offer a shredding truck. There is also a focus on protecting identity. The public really enjoys this program and that they have done  to for three years. 

Ellington has an inter-generational book club with seniors and teens. The teens really like talking to people who have lived through the events of historical fiction novels. This is run in a two month series with teens choosing one book and seniors picking the second one. 

Banks have also been willing to donate saving bonds as summer reading prizes. 

Slant Money Smart Weeks towards things teens care about “how to save money to buy a car” 

Other recommended agencies to partner with: Senior Centers, schools, garden clubs/ community gardens (in Hebron this will hopefully count for community service hours), local artists for displays 

We discussed teen run events and how they have worked out, who plans them and how many people come. 


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