Meeting Minutes, March 2015

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What kinds of tools would you trust your teens with during a program? Pliers, wire cutters, hot glue? Why or why not?

Today’s topic was graphic novels. See a list of books we liked at the bottom of the page. 

We discussed how and where they are shelved. Visability was agreed is important. 

Do you put non-fiction graphic novels with graphic novels or with non-fiction. 

Free Comic Book Day is May 2nd this Year

 The stores do tend to have to pay for the comics  even if they at free to the public. 

If you want to work with comic book store contact them early. 

The  topic for the April meeting is Marketing. It will be on April 10th. 

May is Community Partnerships and June is Food Programs

Popular Superheros (in terms of circulation)

  • Batman
  • Teen Titans
  • Hulk 
  • Thor 
  • X-Men 
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Supergirl 

Graphic Novel Suggestions:

  • Olympians series
  • Wrenches by Dalrymple 
  • How I Made it to Eighteen by Tracy White 
  • Primates by Jim Ottaviani & Maris Wicks
  • El deafo
  • Hidden: A Child’s story of the Holocaust (elementary)
  • Padro and Me 
  • Through the Woods
  • Sailor Twain
  • Relish by Knisley
  • Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales 
  • Boxers and Saints
  • Jane the Fox and Me
  • Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children (graphic novel adaptation)
  • The Great Dust Bowl
  • How to Fake a Moon Landing 
  • Bluffton 
  • This One Summer 
  • Ms. Marvel No Normal 
  • Cemetery Girl: The Pretenders
  • DC New 52
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Will and Whit by Gulledge 
  • The Shadow Hero 
  • Game of Thrones 
  • The Walking Dead 
  • Romeo & Juliet 
  • The Runaways 
  • Teen Titans 
  • White Tiger by Tamora Pierce

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