December Meeting Minutes

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Today we discussed Hot Fiction.

Watch the list serve for a PDF from Linda Williams of all the starred book reviews of J and YA books of the year.

Here our some of our Hot Fiction Picks:

Crash into You by Katie McGarry
Reality Boy A.S. King
Fallout by Todd Strasser
If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan
Living with Jackie Chan
Gated by Parker
The Rules for Disappearing by Elston
Monument 14 by Laybourne
Are You Experienced by Sonnenblicks
The Chaos of Stars by White
anything by Cat Patrick
Inhuman by Kat Falls
Lockwood & Co by Stroud

Enders Game
anything by Steven King
The Hunt by Andrew Fukodu
Dystopian anything

Cinder by Marisa Meyer
Ashes trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick

Mark of Athena by Riordan
Invisibility by Levithan and Cremer
The Odd Squad by Fry
Boy Nobody by Zadoff
Nameless by St. Crow
Towering by Flinn
Midnight Frost by Estep
If I was your Girl by Simone
Crushed (Pretty Little Liars) by Shepard
The Program by Young
Altered by Rush
Goddess by Angelini
Legacy of the Clockwork Key by Bailey
Dragon Run by Matthews
Unremembered by Brody
Awaken by Meg Cabot
Clockwork Princess by Clare
House of Secrets
If I Should Die by Plum
Rules of summer by philbin
The Boyfriend App
The Book of Broken Hearts by Ockler
Middle School series by Patterson
Nantucket Blue by Howland
No Easy Way Out by Lorentz
Reboot by Tintera
Truely, Madly, Deeply by Jayne
School Spirits by Hawkins
Right of Way by Barnholdt
Crap Kingdom by Pierson
Dare to You by McGarry
The End Games by Martin
Also Known As by Benway
Ruled by Chapman
Fifteenth Summer by Dalton
Windows in the Tower by George
Our Song by Fraiberg

Coves can make or break a book. Use these from Erin Bowman to cover bad covers.

Also you could have a teen program where you have them redesign dated or bad covers an then slip it into the protective cover.

Other Program Ideas include:
Archery Tag–tie into Hunger Game series
Blacklight party for Enders Game with stretchy alien slingshot, and planes
Gaming Programs–free after initial cost
Marshmallow shooters
Ninja Olympics
Minute to Win It
Improv Night

Next Month’s Topic is popular Non-Fiction. See you then.

You can also check out the Capital Regions’s Non Fiction Pinterest Board. They updated this week with many fun titles.

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