Minutes October 12

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Today’s topic is Programming:

FashionPlaytes–website found through newspaper article. Project Runway fashion design clothing with donated fabric and dollar store items. Duct tape clothing.

Edible arrangement programs–cookie cutters used on melon and pineapple, continue to be popular.

Try for raw food deserts when you don’t have access to a kitchen. Or send home things to be baked at home.

Bring in local businesses to do cake decorating, or cupcake decorating.

Cooking contest–bring it from home and then there is taste testing. This has been particularly successful with kids and you should have people make enough for 10 people.

A listing of successful food programs would be a good asset.

Don’t forget about the Pinterest account run by the Capital Region Round Table.

Examples for craft programs near publicity will draw a larger crowd.

Henna programs are also popular. You can bring someone in or D.I.Y. with kits from a craft store.

LEGOs with teens. Maybe a contest or robots.

Science club–using zoom science –divide into teams using recyclable materials.

Nature programs

Low chairs will deter adults from using their area.

Feel free to comment or post with more program ideas.

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