Minutes September 14, 2012

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Summer Recap:

Acton- Art Program with kick off pizza party. Artists volunteered to come in a teach teens, create graphic novels (through Connecticut Humanities Council). There was a reception to end the summer. Program times during the evening helped attendance. Most people learned of program from in-library flyers and word of mouth.

Many of us hosted the wonderful Zombification workshop during this summer.

Aside-2013 Summer Reading Teen Theme Beneath the Surface. The adult theme Groundbreaking Reads has great zombie-esque art.

Litkeeper substantially increased summer reading participation (online) in Waterford. There is a possibility that a state system for online summer reading may be available for next year. Information will be available in the spring.

Coventry- Success with Ninja Olympics and some programs but due to transportation needs of teens, resources are going to be redirected to school year activities.

Food programs- cake decorating, candy sushi, Fruit and chocolate dipping/ edible arrangements

Otis- Agrees that Litkeeper really increased summer reading statistics and reached an audience not usually involved with the library. Litkeeper will make teens rate reviews and allows them to write reviews of books. A tiered prize system was used. However, program numbers were down.

Plans for the Year

Survey Results:
Very Popular: Hot Fiction, Publicity, Teen Apps, Social Networking
Other Topics: Booklists (horror, sci-fi, mystery), non-fiction, school/public library collaboration, teen space planning
Write-In Topics: programs (craft vs. non-craft), Nutmeg Books, keeping teens long term

Oct. 12 – Program Planning–Please bring information on a program from your library that was successful.
Nov. 15 – State YA Meeting – No ECYA Meeting
Dec. 14 – Teen Apps and Social Networking
Jan. 11 – New Fiction
Feb. 8 – Publicity
March 8 – Summer Reading and Nutmegs
April 12 – School/ Public Library Collaboration (Middle & High School)- transition titles
May 10 – Displays and Bookmarks

CLC will be hosting an open house in November to drop by and Trendspotting will be back in April.

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