Tween/Middle Grade Reads Survey results

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We received 100 surveys. We asked 6 questions, which we all mandatory.

Here are the results:

The duplication reasoning:
Yes: Popular series (varies between yes, sometimes, and occasionally)
No: Budget constraints
Donations: additional copies added if donated

The placement of the items:
Other Libraries
Interest Level
Target Audience / Age of the Character
Common Sense Media
Author / Popularity
The sector/cataloger/purchaser determines
Cover Appeal

Popular Books include:
Rick Riordan, Eragon, Wimpy Kid, Ranger’s Apprentice, Maximum Ride, Happy Potter, The Mother/Daughter Book Club series, Hunger Games, Ally Carter, Clique series, Princess Diaries, Alex Rider, Lisa Greenwald, 39 Clues, Dear Dumb Diary,Tim Green, Mike Lupica, Sisters’ Grimm, Baby Mouse, Allie Finkle, and Candy Apple

Thanks to everyone who answered the survey!

One thought on “Tween/Middle Grade Reads Survey results

    Kristi said:
    March 15, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    Thanks again for doing this!

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