Programs for guys

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Last week we met and chatted about programs gears towards guys.


  • Volcano (other exploding experiments like Diet Coke and Mentos)
  • Science Experiments
  • Bubble Rockets
  • Duct Tape Tie
  • Music Events – after hours
  • food programs – make nachos, decorate cupcakes, bake brownies
  • mini golf
  • nerf gun battle
  • move nights

*please add your ideas/successful programs to the list to share.

** Also check out Pinterest for more ideas on crafts/food programs. Everything is on this site – but there’s a craft and DIY section. I’ve been getting tons of ideas from it!  Check out my boards (Jennifer Rummel) for some ideas on what you can find. I have lots of different boards, but my “work” boards are labeled Teen

***Be on the lookout for the books we mentioned closer to the beginning of the year.

~ Jennifer


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