September 2011 Mintues

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We met on September 9, 2011 at the Booth & Dimock Memorial Library.


Topics discussed included Summer Successes and Failures and future Teen Read Week and Banned Book Week ideas. It seemed as though we all had excited summers and summer programs to share. We also discussed the possibility of a Young Adult Performer Showcase. The logistics of this still need to be sorted.


We also discussed the decline in attendance at these meetings, what we get out of our meetings and what we can do to make the meetings more beneficial to all. A survey/poll has been created to help us decided on the best meeting times for the coming months as well as the most popular topics. This survey/poll can be accessed here:


The next meeting will be held at the WLSC, pending availability, on Friday, October 14the from 10am-12pm. The topic will be “Books that Don’t Make you Blush.”

November will be the annual CLA meeting.

Future dates to be determined with the results of the above poll. Please make sure to take the time and fill it out. Its short!


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