March 2011 Minutes

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We met on March 11, 2011 at the Willimantic Library Service Center. Our topic was summer programs.

Our suggestions include

-Tricking teens into programs by calling them volunteers.

-Connecting library programs with school summer read programs, such as a summer book read-a-loud.

-Pushing programs more than reading—“Don’t Read This Summer”

Should we offer incentives for reading or not?

A great place to get incentives is to solicit from local businesses, especially banks.

Linda and Jennifer are working on summer booklists by State and by Country. They will be available under the SummerReading Programs Tab on the Blog.

 Other, non-summer, programs discussed were gaming clubs (not just for video games) with “Headbands,” “Apples to Apples” and others. 

Mystery program kits are available at the Service Center.

Linda gave us a demonstration of BWI Title Tales    

There was a general reminder to remember your week to post!

Next Month’s Meeting will be on April 18th at WLSC. The topic will be Hot Non-Fiction.

The May Meeting will be on May 13th in Old Saybrook. The topic will be Hot Fiction. For those with problems getting to Old Saybrook, come people are choosing to carpool so ask around.

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