Harry Potter Movie Release Party

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The Scotland Public Library hosted an awesome Harry Potter Movie Release Party on Wednesday, Nov. 17.  We had over 15 guests ranging in age from 8 to adult.  We had a few Harry Potters, Luna Lovegood, Professor McGonagall, Hermonie Granger, and a couple of muggles.

The group loved making their own wands.  All you need is sheets of paper, hot glue guns, tape/glue, black or brown acrylic paint, and various tubes of metallic paint.  When we were done, they looked amazing and you’d never know they were made from rolled up copy paper. 

As we waited for the paint on our wands to dry, we concocted various potions.  Adding Pop Rocks to Gatorade was like adding the milk to Rice Krispies, only much sweeter.  We also added Warhead Sour Drops, Gummi Worms, and  Kool-aid FunFizzy tabs.  I don’t think anyone actually drank their potions, but we had fun experimenting.

O’Neil Theater in Lisbon generously donated 2 Free Movie Passes which we used as prizes for a costume contest and “Find the Snitch” contest.  Some of our other donated prizes included HP books, a HP trivia game, a pewter dragon, and handmade dragon eggs.  The dragon eggs were colored Easter eggs filled with Borax glue goo and a grow your own dragon capsule.   The eggs were spray painted gold and a sandy textured paint and then decorated with colored rhinestones.  The kids loved them.

All of this while we enjoyed butter beer, treacle fudge, chocolate frogs, and pumpkin cookies.  This was a great party and we plan on doing it once more next year when the final movie is released.  I hope to post pictures in the near future.

Mary G. – Scotland Public Library

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