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I have recently started to have a more active volunteer program. I’ve always had a few volunteers but now I am up to 10. Some are scheduled on Weds afternoons when I don’t have the After School Program and a few others help with the After School Program. I have them help me put away books, clean the play corner, and straighten shelves. They also help at events. They recently made ghost lollipops for our Spooky Stories. I would be interested to know if anyone else uses volunteers and what kinds of things you have them do. Have a great Friday!


One thought on “Volunteers

    Cheryl said:
    November 9, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    The teens on our young adult advisory board are required to do one-two hours of volunteering each month so I have a list of on-going projects they can help with:

    1. Design and create a bulletin board.

    2. Make a book display. Pick a theme, pull books off the YA shelves and display them on the coffee table or along the tops of the shelves against the walls. Also include a sign/poster telling the theme.

    3. Shelf read the videos/DVDs.

    4. Photocopy forms that the library uses. Ask a staff member for the forms.

    5. Cut forms that have been photocopied.

    6. Cut scrap paper.

    7. Plan a program for YAs. Include all the following information: what type of program and who would do the program (ie. YA advisory board members doing a book discussion or hosting a board game night for other YAs, or Cheryl leading a craft program, like learning how to make candy, or asking a mechanic to come in and teach YAs how to change a flat tire, or do basic auto maintenance, etc); what materials would be needed; approximate cost; who your intended participants are; day of week/time of day; would you limit the number of participants; will you serve refreshments; how will you advertise this program; will participants have to register before the program or will it be on a drop in basis; any other information you think I might need.

    8. Read book/music/movie reviews and list the ones you’d like to see the library purchase. You can find reviews upstairs in Children’s department. Ask a staff member for the “School Library Journal”. Leave Cheryl a list of items.

    9. Create bibliography bookmarks, ie. “If you liked Twilight, you might also like…” and then list the titles and authors. Or you might want to do a bookmark on “Sports Titles” and list books centered around a sports theme. Use the word processing computers in the reference area and leave the copy on Cheryl’s desk or put it in her mailbox.

    Hope some of these help! =]

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