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Hi everyone!

I am very excited to report that I had rave reviews from both parents and teens on the Murder Mystery Program I ran this past Friday night to celebrate Teen Reads Week theme: Books with Beat! (bah-dum-bum)

I had borrowed from the Murder Mystery: Rock ‘n’ Roll Over DEAD! and had 20 teens to the program (at the limit I could have handled running the program all by myself-it was a high activity, high energy program-plus they were all sugared up!). They all had so much fun with the elaborate crime scenes I set up solving the crime. They worked really enthusastically together to use deductive reasoning to hash out the crime scene specifics and really had a great time at it!!

It was worth all of the work I put into it for sure.

I served Pizza and Ice Cream to start and then we went into the Murder Mystery part of the evening. The program took the 20 teens about 1 hour 15 minutes to solve, beginning to end. I didn’t know what to expect time wise so I allotted 2.5 hours for the entire program. When we were completed with the dinner, dessert and finally the Murder Mystery, we all played a lively game of charades. We were a rowdy group but laughter and fun times were had by all. woohoo!

I highly recommend running this program. It was so well received by both the kids and the parents, I came in to many happy emails commending the “different program”!

Last week I had a very successful Author Talk with “Life, After” author Sarah Darer Littman. I was at first not getting a very good response for the program. I decided to change my “marketing techniques” in the hope to attract more people to the program. I advertised its significance and importance about the creative writing process, the importance and value of interacting with a YA author to understand how the author develops characters, and plots as well as the useage of imagery. I created a list of 15 questions tailored to this subject matter, I collaborated with the schools and students who came got extra credit with their English teachers. I handed out the questions, encouraged the teens to take a turn to ask and also encouraged their own questions. It was very well attended, 27 people in total (only 2 were registered the 3 days previous) and everyone is asking for more Authors to come in. I attribute the change in attitude to the way I decided to market the program. It really was beneficial and so appreciated.

Happy reading everyone! :) Susie

Susan Redman Parodi

Young Adult Librarian*Old Lyme Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library*Old Lyme, CT 06371


One thought on “Murder Mystery Program

    jennifer said:
    October 27, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    awesome! great programs 🙂

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