ECYA Roundtable 10/8/10

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Graphic Novels, Manga & Gaming

Tony & Dan from Arkham Asylum

  • Anime & Manga are violent, the characters fall in love and some have drug use
  • Video games are now being made with accompanying, back story, graphic novels, cartoons and toys
  • There are age ratings on graphic novels
  • Very little profanity, unless the US adapts them
  • These books are very open about sex.
  • Linda mentioned the book A Genre Guide to Comic Books, Manga and More
  • The books are much more violent than the Movies
  • All these books are online for Free
    • You can also get a subscription service such as “the comic book reader” or one through Marvel & DC—all these books can be downloaded to an e-reader,
  • Shonen Jump—massive book every month or so that combines Naruto, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh and one other
  • May 1st is Free Comic Book Day—Call them a week before and they will get you books.
  • Games: Dungeons and Dragon, Magic…
    • Books about the games
    • Don’t allow Card Trading

 We also discussed resources from Wonderland Comics in Putnam, CT

 Linda mentioned the DVD Bullied with is provided free by

 Claudette provided the conclusion to an article on Gaming Resources

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