Minutes – September 10, 2010

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(Sorry for the late posting of these minutes – and an editorial note – since Claudette is co-chairing – will someone else volunteer to do the minutes this year? Thanks – Linda Williams)

We kicked off our first meeting for the year most successfully! It was wonderful to see so many Teen Librarians there and hope attendance continues throughout the year as the ideas discussed are extremely valuable to all of us. A vote was taken to decide what did work best for our busy schedules and it was decided that we will be meeting on the second Friday of the month, every month from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Willimantic Library Service Center. Our next meeting will be October 8th.
We spent some time discussing our summer programs for teens and what we found to be successful. Among our fellow librarians, the following programs have been tried: candy sushi, smoothies, fondue, nature printing on black t-shirts with a Clorox gel, tile bracelets, chocolate plastic, creative writing group. One thing that is for certain is that programs involving food are always a crowd pleaser.
However, we also noticed that we had a tendency to have programs that are more suited to the girl population. So, what about the boys? Some suggestions for programs inviting to boys are as follows: a guitar workshop, crime beat (have a state officer come in and set up a crime scene), gaming, a self defense studio doing a demonstration, and, if all else fails, market your more girly type programs by stating that it’s a great way to make inexpensive gifts for the women in their life.
Although many have found our summer programs to be well attended it seems universally that we often lose our teen population as soon as school starts. Naturally, they are busy. With homework, sports, jobs, and social lives, how can we compete as a library? We’re not where it’s at. One of the best solutions is to hook them while we have them in the summer by scheduling programs for the fall. If it is at all possible in your own schedule and library, try to switch your hours of availability to suit their needs. Most importantly, never give up!
Our October meeting will center on Comics and Gaming and we will have a very special guest joining us so you don’t want to miss it. See you then.
Claudette Stockwell E.C.Y.A. Co-Chair Children’s Librarian Assistant Killingly Public Library


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