Nonfiction Titles talked about at the Meeting

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Books talked about:


The Little Black book for Guys / Girlz (READ VOYA REVIEW for Guys)

Angst: teen verses from the edge

Generation T and Generation T Beyond Fashion

Stick It!: 99 DIY Duct Tape Projects

I am Scout

Phenomena: Secrets of Senses

The Word Snoop

Written in Bone

Up Close: Frank Lloyd Wright – biography series that includes Ronald Reagan, Thurgood Marshall, Jane Goodall, John Steinbeck, Johnny Cash, Racehl Carson, Robert F. Kennedy, Ella Fitzgerald, W.E.B. Du Bois, Theodore Roosevelt, Elvis, Babe Ruth, Harper Lee, Bill Gates, and Oprah

The Great and Only Barnum

Elephants on Acid and other bizarre experiments

Math Doesn’t Suck

The Zombie Survival Guide

Altnera Crafts (not finding the info for this book)

Unsolved Mysteries: American History and History (series)

Greatest Stories Never Told

Teen Beauty Secrets

Do Hard Things

When Nothing Matters Anymore

97 Things to do before you finish High School

Defining Twilight (sat vocab using twilight)

Custom Kicks (caution some older content inside)

Body Drama (at the service center if you’d like to preview before purchase)

Angel dogs

Angel Cats

All the Wrong People have Self Esteem

Tweak and Freaked (father wrote)


Nascar Now

In Me Own Words

Bigfoot (I’m not dead)

The End encyclopedia

It’s all too much, so get it together

Marching for Freedom

Dirty Little Secrets (coming soon) – Couldn’t find this one either

Open the Door to Liberty (Not finding this one either and not remembering the cover)

We are the weather makers: history of climate change

Oh My Gods! Mythopedia

Shooting Stars

Planet Earth

Almost Astronauts

Eat Fresh Food

I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets

Teen Vogue Handbook:

500 Beauty Tips

Studio Space

Atlas of Ancient World

WFT? College

109 Forgotten American Heroes

A Savage Thunder

Atlas of the Civil War

100 Hispanic-Americans who shaped American History – series book

I’ll Pass for Your Comrade

Last Minute Science Fair Projects


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