Girls in YA Lit

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I only took a quick look at this – the Girls Voices Literature Database – but it looks like a good link to bookmark. It was posted to YALSA-BK this week.
At the same time, I sometimes feel like there’s no dearth of literature about girls. A new author whom I am paying attention to, Cynthia Jaynes Omolulu, has an interesting post to her blog today. A novel that she wrote some time ago, but has never found a publisher for, has recently had some interest. But she has been asked to change the protagonist from a boy to a girl! In light of a recent flurry of discussion related to a media specialist’s controversial plea to publishers (on/in SLJ-do read the comments!), this is an interesting thing to know. (Some responses to the plea can be seen here: Justine Larbalestier, Lisa Chellman).
Oh, and check out this article in the Washington Post: Boyhood is Not a Disease.
~Linda W

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