Friday’s Meeting

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Will be held at Scotland Library with Mary hosting us (Thanks Mary!). The meeting starts at 1 pm. For those of you who can’t make it, here’s the agenda that Cheryl and I put together. I’ll have copies of this for everyone at the meeting.  See you there!


Eastern Connecticut Young Adult Roundtable

September 11, 2009

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Meeting topic : Teen Read Week 2009 “Read Beyond Reality @ your library”, October 18-24
    1. Book title suggestions :  Check out the science fiction/fantasy section of the website
    2. Programming ideas:  here’s a few thoughts – that way there are some listed and it saves the writing down of some idea
    3. Movies (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Wolverine, I am Legend, Back to the Future)
    4. Monster Make Up  (find a contact at a local Haunted House if your community has one and ask if they can come do make up for the teens)
    5. Author Visit: local author possible include Dan Waters, Scott Appleton, and MJ Allaire OR host a video/phone/IM chat with author of your choice.
    6. Visit from a local paranormal research group/ghost hunters
    7. Urban Legends (telling or fact/fiction night)
    8. Science Fiction/Fantasy book discussion
    9. Science Fiction/Fantasy movie marathon
    10. Science Fiction/Fantasy Writing Workshop
    11. Science Fiction/Fantasy short story contest
    12. Create your own Monster Movie contest
    13. Dungeons and Dragons game
    14. Reality game – Library survivor or Who wants to be a Chocolatier
    15. Zombie program
    16. Create your own wand – tie into fantasy books
    17. Multicultural crafts – origami
    18. Vote on best/worst science fiction book ever
    19. Vote on best/worst fantasy book ever
    20. Improve your grades beyond reality  – database demo for students
    21. Wizard rock Concert
    22. Vampire Rock Concert
    23. Design your own fantasy/Science Fiction book cover
    1. Advertising/Promotion
  1. Topics for future meetings
  2. Next meeting : November 13, location TBD (potential statewide Young Adult Roundtable meeting in November– if there is, that will be our November meeting and we wouldn’t meet again until January 8, 2010)
  3. Open floor
    1. CSL/WLSC update from Linda Williams

~ Jennifer R.


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