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At our meeting last Friday, I mentioned Nerdfighters and there was only one person who knew about the whole Nerdfighters phenomenon. So I decided to write something on this blog to explain my enthusiasm and… well downright AWE.

If you have time for no other link in this post, DO take 10 minutes to listen to this interview with Hank and John on NPR: Brothers Reconnect Using Video Blogging (about 6 minutes), and I Am Not a Pornographer (4 minutes).

Here is a fairly short article that explains it:  A Year of Sincerity and Humor with Brotherhood 2.0. From that article: “The brothers’ enthusiasm and humor has been infectious. Their viewership quickly grew to include more than 10,000 regulars. A few timely or particularly funny shows pulled in phenomenal numbers, like the one featuring a song by Hank called “Accio Deathly Hallows.” That one was viewed nearly 900,000 times. Some of those viewers stuck around. Lately, the daily video blog audience has swelled to more than 40,000 viewers, many of who identify themselves as “nerdfighters” with an endearing earnestness… The brothers are funny, true, but, while John sometimes has an ironical glint in his eye, their sincerity is what sets them apart.” And another article on ReadWriteThink: How 2 Nerdfighters Took Over YouTube.

John Green, author of the Printz Award winning Looking for Alaska (and An Abundance of Katherines, and out soon, Paper Towns) and his brother Hank, an environmentalist, agreed to a full year of non-textual communication. They took turns posting videos to a blog they called “Brotherhood 2.0” (here’s John’s first post). They alternated days, and posted 5 days a week. The resulting vlogbrothers videos continued all the way to the end of 2007, created a cultural sensation (they even have t-shirts), new words and phrases (like Nerdfighters, Made of Awesome, World Suck, Happy Dance, and My Pants), and made being a “nerd” a good thing (which is a GREAT thing – see this book which was recently discussed on the Faith Middleton Show). Funny, irreverent, but full political commentary, book discussion, discussion of values and social conscience, the video blog continues, though a bit different than it was in the Brotherhood 2.0 year. The blog earned so many fans that there is now a lot of fan inolvement. You can sign up for a page (example) on The Nerdfighter website (the Ning) like you can on Facebook. I believe signing up constitutes an admission of your nerdiness.

The best speech I ever heard was delivered by John Green at the ALAN Workshop in Nashville. Since then, I have been a big fan (here’s his Printz Award speech to give you an idea of what I’m talking about). And my all-time favorite Brotherhood 2.0 video is (don’t miss this one!) I Am Not a Pornographer. (OH! And John answers the question, Edward or Jacob).

It’s kind of hard to go back and get through a whole year of videos, however short. So here’s Hank’s “playlist” of the best Brotherhood 2.0 videos.

A random selection of Nerdfighter blog entries: The Project for Awesome (ALSC), Nerdfighters Unite on YouTube (TeacherLibrarianNing), Brotherhood 2.0 (The Loud Librarian), Nerdfighters for the Win! (Anything that is Awesome), Nerdfighters: Musical Videos (BookMoot), Nerdfighters and Holidays (Shari Green), Author: John Green (Pop Culture Book Review), World Suck Levels @ an All Time Low and this is why (Pham Pants). Nerdfighteria in the Omnictionary.

John’s recent speech in Chicago – part 1, part 2, part 3. John & Hank’s MySpace.

So –DFTBA! ~ Linda Williams


One thought on “Nerdfighters

    jennifer said:
    September 15, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    i ❤ the green brothers! And they have some really funny videos. plus, they’re getting teens interested in just being themselves vs creating a different persona to make them popular.

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