Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie Poster Offer

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* For those of you not on the listserve, this was posted there.*

Hi Ya-Yaccers!

The PR folks at Warner Brother Pictures would like
to send out MOVIE POSTERS for ‘Sisterhood of the
Traveling Pants 2’ and are asking libraries who
want posters to let them know.

Movie hits theaters on August 6, 2008

REPLY to me at

REQUEST *Traveling Pants 2* Movie Posters

Library System or Agency:
City State Zip:

Number of Posters?:

I’ve requested a bunch of posters, but it seems like she’d like them to go to one person and then distribute them so they don’t break the bank postage wise. So, I’m offering to send her another email if people want to add on to mine and then pick them up here at Otis (I don’t have enough tubes to ship them by C-Car and I think they might get damaged). Email me @ if you’d like me to request posters for you.

Jennifer R.


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