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At the Meeting @ Otis this morning, we talked a lot about different programs, especially about programs around BREAKING DAWN and the second Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie, coming out August 8th.

And also a little bit about Teen Read Week, since it also had the vampire theme


  1. We talked about social networking and if teens were paying attention to our pages, and the results were mixed.
  2. We talked about handing out business cards that highlighted one program and passed those around to certain teens who were told to spread them around. This worked out well. (Also mentioned that one could do the same with social networking sites just as advertisement)
  3. We talked about flyers and invitations to the schools not producing high numbers at programs and alternatives to this problem
  4. Maybe use radio as a tool for PSAs
  5. We also chatted about how to read the upper elementary grades, and doing programs for them to start guiding them towards the teen areas.


  1. Mobiles that can hang from the ceiling with the program title, the date, and a sample (if craft program), you could hang this above a book display on a certain topic
  2. Book covers, information, or pictures surrounding windows
  3. Screensavers displaying new books: create a powerpoint page and then save it as a .jpeg and then upload it.  It’s easy if you take the book cover from Barnes and Noble and maybe a description.
  4. Quotes, pictures, and odds and ends from magazines that teens bring in to make a collage

~ jennifer


One thought on “Displays and Marketing

    L Williams responded:
    May 15, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Thanks so much for the recap I really wanted to go to the meeting and couldn’t – this is the next best thing!

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