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Okay, everyone. Here are my suggestions on research for gaming in the library. Sorry this took so long. Many of these resources also cover other areas of technology, but gaming was my focus so I only skimmed those subjects. Most of my resources were found online (many from iCONN). Before you read this I would like to issue a warning. If anyone receives a YA grant because of these recourses you must share the wealth. Just kidding, but seriously, if you get one and I don’t you’d better go into hiding. Again, just a joke. Maybe.


Braun, Linda W. “Reading–It’s Not Just About Books.” Young Adult Library Services. 5:4 (38-40), 2007.
Case Studies: public libraries.” (Chapter 6). Library Technology Reports 42.5 (Sept-Oct 2006): p45(11). Student Edition. Gale.
Conclusion: what librarians can learn from gamers.” (Chapter 8). Library Technology Reports 42.5 (Sept-Oct 2006): p60(3). Student Edition. Gale.
Czarnecki, Kelly. “A Revolution in Library Service: Gaming is more than just a lure into the library.” School Library Journal. (May 2007), p34(2).
Doshi, Ameet. “How gaming could improve information literacy.” Computers in Libraries. (May 2006). P15(3).

Gee, James Paul. What Video Games Have To Teach Us About Learning And Literacy. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.
Johnson, Steven. Everything Bad Is Good For You. New York: Riverhead Books, 2005.
Johnson, Steven. “This is your brain on video games.” Discover Magazine. (July 2007): .
Ward-Crixell, Kit. “Gaming Advocacy: New ways librarians can support learning and literacy.” School Library Journal. (Sept 2007): p.36(3).
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The Gaming Generation.” (Chapter 2). Library Technology Reports 42.5 (Sept-Oct 2006): p18(6). Student Edition. Gale.
Squire, Kurt and Constance Steinkuehler. “Meet the gamers: They research, teach, learn, and collaborate. So far, without libraries.” Library Journal. (April 2005).
Video games can reshape education: U.S. scientists.” CBc News. Oct. 19, 2006.
Why Gaming? (Chapter 1). Library Technology Reports 42.5 (Sept-Oct 2006): p10(8). Student Edition. Gale.



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