Library 2.0, Etc.

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Hello, I attended the Library 2.0 and Web 2.0 Overview yesterday at WLSC and it was so great. Most of you probably already knew all about Flickr, blogging, LibraryThing, RSS feeds and all those tools for online collaborations but it is all new to me. That is why I am now brave enough to get onto this blog.
Our library is getting ready to launch a new website with a teen presence. Kathleen, our children’s librarian is at WLSC right now creating a blog and a Wiki. This is so exciting. We will be getting a group of teens together next week to for a teen tech club who will decide how they want to celebrate Teen Tech Week. We will post the results of the meeting. I am finding that teens aren’t such computer “geeks” anymore as they are gaming “geeks.”
See you all at the Canterbury Library on January 18th. We are located on Rt. 14 in Canterbury on the right hand side if you’re coming from Willimantic and right behind the post office. MS


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